One needs only to look at the hands of Marc Tempé in Alsace, Xavier Weisskopf in Montlouis or Françoise Le Calvez in the upper Minervois to understand the common thread connecting V59 vignerons.

Whether French or American (or Portuguese!), organic, biodynamic, or a common-sense sustainable farmer, all of our growers manage small domaines and strive to make the best wines of their appellations while protecting a traditional way of life. Their holistic approach requires a great deal of work in the vineyard, but it is work that is embraced because the rewards sought are as much personal and spiritual as they are financial. Above all, they value their vineyard work over any cellar wizardry. Their minimalist winemaking practices include the usual suspects: extended lees contact to enhance spice and reduce the need for sulfur; minimal racking, fining, and filtration, all of which can strip flavor; and careful use of oak so as not to mask the individual characteristics of grape varieties or terroir. The aim is to let the wine and vineyard site speak as much as the man, and more than the marketplace.

While many importers represent a worldwide variety of wines, we focus on representing cutting edge wines from France—it’s what excites us and it’s what we know best. Our aim is to stay abreast of who is making exceptional wine in good appellations and to bring their wines and stories to those of you who appreciate them. From established growers to emerging young Turks, our mission is to bring you terrific wines and to make you familiar with the people and places behind those wines.

Perhaps the most important lesson we can offer is that even the best artisan wines don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. They require only an open mind.